Trendy Entertainment uses the Unreal engine in their game Dungeon Defenders: First Wave. Dungeon Defenders is best known as “that other game that uses the Unreal Engine besides Infinity Blade”. If you’ve never heard of Dungeon Defenders, it’s a game that mashes up tower defense and online action RPG.

It’s one of the best looking games on iOS, and it is packed with content, including a rather deluxe storyline. The game allows you to play online with other iOS owners as well as computer, console, and Android players. You begin the game by choosing your class as you would with any RPG, then you upgrade your abilities and equipment as the game goes on. You have to defend your crystal and fight your way through the castle in the single player mode.

While meeting with Trendy Entertainment, we found out that Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave is about two months away. Second Wave will be different from the first and it will focus much more on the online component. A good comparison would be Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood as compared to Assassins’ Creed 2. They also said that there will be a separate build for iPad 2 to make the Unreal engine look that much better.

Trendy Entertainment is going to continue to use the Unreal engine, which is definitely good to hear. Their goal is to make the best online multiplayer experience possible, and they’ve practically done it with the cross platform components. It’s surely good news that Trendy Entertainment will continue developing for iOS.