Chicken Balls is a cross between Angry Birds and Peggle, so what’s not to like? You launch chickens at an arrangement of pegs and bubbles. In the game, there are other farm animals who have been trapped by aliens and put into bubbles and pens. Your goal is to free all the farm animals by popping the bubbles and unleashing farmageddon.

Farmageddon is a bonus for unlocking multiple farm animals at once. When you pop bubbles or unleash farmageddon, the freed farm animals rain down and bounce through the pegs for bonus points. The Peggle element of clearing pegs really changes up the physics puzzle nicely. As you progress through the 50 levels, you need to use power-ups. The power-ups can be used anytime, unlike Angry Birds, which has specific special birds.

The name Chicken Balls is based on the food served in Chinese restaurants. The developers grew up helping their parents in a Chinese Restaurant, and the name just fit. Chicken Balls has been submitted to Apple and is aimed to be launched on March 15th.

Enjoy the gameplay demo below:

Endloop had another game to show at GDC called Please Stay Calm. It’s still in the alpha stage, but is described as a location-based social game. The developers say Please Stay Clam is a combination of Foursquare, World of Warcraft, and Left 4 Dead. Sounds awesome.

The sneak peek video gives you a better feel for what to expect.