There are reports that Apple will be opening its retail stores one hour earlier tomorrow, according to Does this mean more iPad 2s are coming?

When it launched on Friday at 5 p.m. local time, the iPad 2 quickly sold out at retailers across the U.S. This situation upset potential buyers, especially those that waited in line for hours and still came away empty-handed.

According to, retail stores are restocking iPad 2s today for sale tomorrow morning. Two unknown locations confirmed these plans. Later, the site received email from “other readers” indicating that their local store would also be opening one hour earlier than normal.

Naturally, Apple hasn’t confirmed this news, and probably won’t.

Your best bet is to contact your local Apple retail store and see if they are one of the ones that will be opening ahead of normal time. If they confirm this information, it likely means new iPad 2s will be available first thing tomorrow morning.

This news is only about Apple retail stores, and not about other iPad 2 vendors such as Target or Best Buy.

Please let us know if you hear that your local store is opening early tomorrow. Use the comments below.

Updated: We’ve received word that some Los Angeles, California area Apple retail stores will be opening one hour early tomorrow morning.