Those evil red dots may have been able to put up a fight against you and your lone iPad, but there is no way they will be able to withstand the power of two iPads, and today you and a friend can prove it since Tilt to Live HD was updated with Viva la Coop mode.

Like the iPhone version, Tilt to Live HD‘s Viva la Coop mode allows you and a friend to take turns controlling and supplying a single powerful turret that is your only means of keeping those red dots at bay.

During the game only one player is able to control the turret while the other goes around collecting jewels and additional turret pickups to keep it running smoothly. If the turret expires, a new turret pickup will appear and whoever grabs it first will get to control it next. But you must work together, because if either player is touched by a red dot it’s game over.

Viva la Coop mode only works over local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and can be accessed by selecting Viva la Turret mode and then tapping the two player button. Keep in mind that you can only play Viva la Coop mode with two iPads since the iPhone and iPod touch version of Tilt to Live plays a little differently.

With the new mode comes a new Game Center leaderboard, so you can still compete against your friends. The update also resets the Classic and Code Red leaderboards since a glitch was allowing players to achieve unimaginable scores. It fixes a few other bugs as well.

Tilt to Live HD for iPad is actually available in the App Store for free. You can unlock every last mode in the game via in-app purchase for $4.99, or you can just go for the Viva la Turret mode, which includes Viva la Coop, for $.99.