In an unexpected move, AT&T just announced that it’s acquiring T-Mobile, the fourth largest national mobile provider (in terms of subscribers), and the only other carrier operating on the GSM band.

Yes, AT&T will spend over $39 billion to add another 34 million subscribers to their existing 95 million. This will, without a doubt, allow them to secure their spot as the largest US carier for quite a while, with Verizon definitely stuck at the second spot with its 94.1 million users.

So what does it mean? Well, first of all this means coverage. Of course, the iPhone can only place calls and use EDGE on T-Mobile’s network. Yet, in the few areas where AT&T can’t reach, this might actually make a difference. Also, it’s likely that T-Mobile will now adapt its network to become more compatible, or at least help build a stronger 4G network with AT&T.

Last, it means T-Mobile customers will now become AT&T’s and therefore have access to the iPhone. All this will happen once the deal goes through, that is as soon as the government says they’re good to go, if they approve it at all.

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