Apple’s unique app review process was on full display recently when it took them 201 days to approve an iPhone app, according to news first reported by 9 To 5 Mac. The app, TrapCall, lets users see who are behind those nasty private phone calls and helps block them. But, should have Apple approved it?

Stories about Apple rejecting yet another app were once a daily occurrence. However, times have changed and the tech giant typically takes just a few days or weeks to approve new apps.

This wasn’t the case with Tel Tech Systems Inc.’s TrapCall app, which took Apple nearly seven months to make it through their approval process.

According to 9 To 5 Mac, the developers claim it’s the only app in the world that puts a face on blocked and private phone calls. When you get a call, a user simply needs to push the power button twice to reject it. TrapCall then sends back the call to your iPhone with the name, phone number, and when available, address of the caller.

The app is free in the App Store. However, users need to subscribe to one of the company’s three membership plans, which begin at $4.95 per month.

In the past Apple has rejected applications that attempt to use hardware buttons in other ways. However, is that what TrapCall is doing?

Probably not. Since hitting the power button twice during a call hangs it up, TrapCall is probably not doing anything wrong.

Yet that fine line is probably what took Apple so long to approve the app.

TrapCall is available in the App Store now, free of charge.

Note: Article has been updated to reflect further information obtained about the app.