AT&T iPhone 4 buyers hoping to upgrade to an iPhone 5 will have to pony up more cash to do so, according to new pricing first uncovered by Android Central. But, cheer up: upgrade fees have also gone up for Android phone owners too, but at a higher rate.

As of yesterday, April 3, AT&T is charging its iPhone customers $50 more to upgrade if their two-year contract isn’t completed, according to the screenshot shown here. Naturally, this affects all iPhone 4 customers and anyone who purchased an iPhone 3GS after 2009.

The new upgrade prices are as follows:

  • 8GB iPhone 3GS – $299
  • 16GB iPhone 4 – $449
  • 32GB iPhone 4 – $549

Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile owners, however, will now pay $150 more to upgrade.

These upgrade prices, which were already out of control, seem to confirm the release of the iPhone 5 is still months away.

You may recall that in 2010 AT&T made it easy for its customers to upgrade to the iPhone 4, even for those still with an active two-year contract. If the iPhone 5 was indeed coming soon, AT&T would surely make similar offerings, and not raise the price it charges for upgrades.

Until the iPhone 5 is actually released, these numbers really don’t mean much, unless you are an iPhone 4 owner looking to switch to a phone with a different operating system. However, if you are still curious we’d suggest checking with AT&T to see what they will charge you to upgrade your phone.

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