Released moments ago, Vampire Rush and Vampire Rush HD is a brand new Chillingo title for the iDevices that offers tower defense gameplay mixed in with some hack ‘n slash action.

The premise of the game is that you are a hero and adventurer named Captain Greg; and your job is to defend the gates of the underworld from various creatures and minions of hell entering this realm. You will be facing deadly creatures such as werewolves and vampire bloodsuckers. Some of them will have magical abilities and minions to do their bidding.

The game features a full 3D engine with many enemies on-screen coming at the doorway you are defending simultaneously. You can control the main hero and hack your enemies with his sword on top of building a defensive grid like in other tower defense titles.

The enemies will come in waves and must be stopped from entering the doorway you control by all means. Besides his sword, the hero also has certain magical skills you will need to use in order to keep him alive against these demonic hordes. Here is a trailer:

Vampire Rush will be available by midnight in your local App StoreĀ for USD $2.99 on the iPad and $1.99 on the iPhone or iPod touch.