Defender of Diosa is an interesting take on the castle defense genre (though the app description calls it tower defense). The game offers a lot of micro managing and interaction usually not seen in such games. You can drag your troops with your finger and select different roles for them based on seven jobs.

The game has been available on the iPhone, Defender of Diosa ($2.99), for about a month, but Sigma Game Limited just launched for the iPad in HD as well.

The seven different jobs include: Citizen, Infantry, Archer, Magician, Knight, Axe Warrior, and Assassin. You can choose which roles will be assigned to your troops by clicking on them in the beginning of battle while the enemy approaches. There are also special skills or magic you can use against the enemy — like touching the sky to unleash lightning.

What makes this game stand out, though, is how you can plan attacks and defenses while being able to move your troops around the horizontal battlefield. The game plays in 2d but there is a lot of depth involved in figuring out how to break the other side’s defenses and move forward on their castle (or Diosa structure). You can even drag your troops underneath some enemy troops to attack their flank or rear.

On top of these features, you have a lot of intuitive control over your troops. By tapping on them, you can change the direction they face; so you may want to attack your enemies from the rear for example. Also, by moving your troops around, they can even dodge projectile weapons like arrows coming down at them. Full feature list:

- iPad Screen support
- Game Center support Added
- 7 Job (Citizen, Infantry, Archer, Magician, Knight, Axe Warrior, Assassin )
- 2 Game Mode: Adventure, Quest Mode
- Over 66 upgrades in shop
- 2 level of difficulty
- 5 hardest level for player to changelle
- 40 Lv in Story Mode
- 30 Lv in Quest Mode
- 30 more Quest Lv available in the iAP shop

Defender of Diosa HD is currently on sale for $1.99, which actually makes it cheaper than the $2.99 iPhone version of the game — which is also on sale. Check them out.