Dramatic Music App Plus by 21x20 Media, Inc. icon

Dramatic Music App Plus ($0.99) by 21×20 Media, Inc. makes finding the right piece of soundtrack for moments funny, dramatic or serious just a little easier. Whip out your iPhone and touch the “Fail” piece for exclamation to the end of that embarrassing story you’re sharing with a co-worker. It’ll be the icing on the cake.

Dramatic Music App Plus by 21x20 Media, Inc. screenshot

Dramatic Music App Plus is chock full of music moods and sound pieces. There are four pages full of music to suit the occasion.

I think it’s appropriate if I list out just a few of the options: Scary, whimsy, nostalgia, funny ending, fail, hallelujah, wedding, buzzer, elevator, chaos, drum roll, party, and the list goes on.

I was pleased with the quality of the sound pieces and that most of them are kept to a few seconds so they fit into everyday conversation easily. A few of the pieces are lengthier, but you can stop them at any time.

Dramatic Music App Plus also adds a fun feature – update your Facebook status from within the app and attach an appropriate piece of music to your status as a YouTube video. It works quickly and adds a little makes your status just a little more colorful.

As I was testing this app out, I couldn’t help but wish there was a way to send these music pieces with text messages to friends. “Oh my word. Did you hear that dad is going to get a boat?!” (insert triumphant music here). I asked the developer about possibly adding this option in future and he liked the idea, but is not sure when they will have the tools to make this possible.

Whether you’re a prankster or just one for dramatic conversation, Dramatic Music App Plus has the soundtrack you need to match just about any occasion.