We often highlight the plethora of news apps available for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. However, long-form writing, both fiction and non-fiction, is also becoming quite popular on iDevices. Recently, Macworld looked at the ways a reader can access content on their iPhone or iPad. We thought we would include some of what they uncovered for our readers to enjoy.

While most iDevice reading is done through iBooks and Kindle apps, there are other ways too.

Among these are two apps from The Browser LLC, the Best of the Moment app for the iPhone, and BotmHD for the iPad. Each free app lists five to ten pieces of online nonfiction from magazines, journals, blogs, and video sources.

Macworld suggests visiting TheBrowser.com from Mobile Safari and save the articles for later viewing using Instapaper or Read It Later. This is not possible in either app.


TheBrowser.com home page

Also worth checking out is Amazon’s new Kindle Singles, a line of short e-books, which can be downloaded to your Kindle app. These include “repurposed” magazine articles “to make an extra buck for their writers.”

Next is The Atavist app, available for both the iPhone and iPad. Although the app is free, stories cost $3 each as in-app purchases. As an added bonus, some  include an audio version of the text, read by a real human being.

The Atavist app

The Atavist app screenprint

Finally, be sure to check out McSweeney’s, Narrative, and Storyville too. Each offers unique short stories to its readers to enjoy.

Be sure to check out Macworld‘s complete list, which is available here.

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