A fun and humorous game that is set in the wild west called Guns’n'Glory has just gone free. For tower defense fans this is a universal app worth checking out.

The game also has real time strategy elements to it, as you must position your gunslingers (bandits) strategically and you can move them around as well.

There are also a limited number of resources at your disposal and you will need to pay your gunslinging bandits in order for them to fight on your side. The game has some depth and challenge, but it is essentially a tower defense title with a western theme.

Various enemies will come from every direction, including enemies on horses, marching toward your defenses. Some of them will carry shotguns, others revolvers, and many will have dynamite.

There are even indians as well as other humorous and stereotypical units for you to use. You can also upgrade your crew through multiple levels. With so many tower defense apps available, at least this one has the atmosphere right, and mixes gameplay with some interaction by letting you move units around.

Guns’n'Glory is available on the App Store for free.