Days after Apple agreed to sell its credit card reader at each of its Retail Stores, Square’s main competitor has updated its payment app to make it universal. Now, Intuit’s GoPayment customers can accept payments on any of their iDevices.

With the free GoPayment app, iDevice owners can collect credit card payments in two ways: through keying or by swiping a card using the company’s free card reader.

Fees are as follows:

GoPayment Fees

GoPayment Fees

The GoPayment app looks quite nice on the iPad’s larger screen. In addition, it gives users the ability to add product photos.

Although GoPayment has been around for a while, Intuit only recently began targeting lower-end credit card providers. In the meantime, upstart Square has filled that void.

It will be interesting to see how the Square vs. GoPayment battle develops.

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