Among the hundreds of similar apps now in the App Store, few are as detailed as PhotoShake!, a photo editing app by MotionOne. Now, thanks to a special offer from the developer, some of our AppAdvice readers will receive the app for free since we have promo codes!

With PhotoShake! (available as separate iPhone/iPod touch and iPad apps), you can easily combine one or more photos to make exciting and fun new image collages, using a combination of themes and paper types.

PhotoShake! for iPad

PhotoShake! for iPad - Collage Selection

Photos may be taken using an iPhone 4 or iPad 2 camera, or selected from the Camera Roll. But that’s not all. Photos may also be taken from another Wi-Fi enabled device on your network, or from Flickr or Picasa.

PhotoShake! for iPad

PhotoShake! for iPad Import Choices

Sharing of photos in PhotoShake! is not limited to Facebook and Twitter like with other apps. With PhotoShake!, photos may also be shared with friends on Flicker, Tumblr, Picasa, Blogger, MeToday, WordPress, Posterous, FC2, Naver, Tistory, Egloos, and MySpace.

Other features include:

  • Easy photo creation by shake action.
  • Unique frame making by moving handler.
  • High quality frame pinking
  • Various frame patterns
  • Place photo using translation, rotation, and scaling
  • Image filter for photos
  • Storytelling with various balloon item.
  • Funny sticker support.
  • Gallery with rate and title.

PhotoShake! is an amazing app and gets better with each update. Although the $1.99 PhotoShake app for iPhone has been around a while longer, the $1.99 PhotoShake! for iPad app is equally impressive. Both are available in the App Store.

If you are interested in receiving a promo code for either version of PhotoShake!, please let us know by using the comments below. Please specify which version you want in your comment. Winner will be contacted via email.