Nothing ruins a good song like turning it off. Now leaving iTunes doesn’t mean the music can’t continue. The Seamless app transitions music from iTunes to an iPhone/iPod touch without ever missing a beat.

It’s 7 a.m. on a Monday morning. To get awake (and stay that way), you’re listening to the latest song from Lady Gaga on your computer, while getting ready for work. But, when the time to leave for work arrives, you still want to listen to the music.

Rather than finding the same song on your iPhone and starting it again, use Seamless. The app slowly turns the sound of the song down on iTunes, while turning it up on your iDevice. The process also works in reverse, all thanks to a Wi-Fi connection.

Yes, just like magic.

Seamless On Mac

Seamless On Mac

Check out this video:

[vimeo 20154325]

Seamless Video

Created by Five Details, Seamless works with music, podcasts, and audiobooks too. It requires the installation of the free Mac application by the same name, which is available in the Mac App Store. Plus, note the transitioned file must be present both in iTunes and on your iPhone.

A PC version of Seamless is not available .

Seamless is an interesting app and one of those tools that may lead many to think, ‘I never thought of that.’ It is available in the App Store for $1.99.

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