Famistu just revealed that Square-Enix has two titles in the works bearing the Chaos Rings name. The first one, revealed for a May release in Japan, will be a prequel of sorts called Chaos Rings Omega. The official follow-up to the iOS RPG hit that was Chaos Rings ($12.99) and Chaos Rings for iPad ($15.99), Chaos Rings II was also revealed, but without any additional details.

Chaos Rings was an exclusive Square-Enix IP released worldwide about a year ago. The game was meant as an experiment by Square-Enix to see if the iOS gaming fanbase would support such an effort at its premium price. It has always been one of the most expensive games on the App Store.

With the two new Chaos Rings titles being revealed and Square-Enix’s continuous support for the platform, it seems the experiment worked. So what kinds of features would you guys like to see in these games? How could Square-Enix improve upon the predecessor’s formula? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.