Thirsty Pete (Free) by DANONE WATERS (UK & IRELAND) LIMITED is a tiny drop of water with a big mission: getting you to drink your water. With all the bad (and even good) drinks on the shelves these days, it’s getting harder and harder to remember the most important liquid we should be consuming: plain water.

Thirsty Pete by DANONE WATERS (UK & IRELAND) LIMITED screenshot

Learning about the importance of staying hydrated was never so much fun. Thirsty Pete giggles and jiggles and can repeat your words in a high-speed voice. Keep Thirsty Pete alive by giving him drinks of water (which you earn by answering quiz questions about water). If you’re not really a fan of water, I think this little droplet might change your mind.

Thirsty Pete has quite a few fun, nonsensical features (and my kids sure had fun with those) as well as useful quizzes and information on the importance of staying hydrated. One of my favorite features is the “Wee Checker.” This could have been crude and rude, but instead is tastefully done and quite helpful. Next time you hit the water closet, compare the color you see with the chart in the app and Thirsty Pete will let you know if you’re hydrated enough or if you should be downing more glasses a day.

One feature that is lacking is a daily tracker of how many glasses of water the user has consumed and a customizable push notification reminder when you need to drink more water. Hopefully this will be included in a future update.

Thirsty Pete is entertaining and useful for kids and adults alike. Make friends with him today – your mom would be proud.