A new chess game has just been released for the iPhone. It combines 3D graphics and a traditional style of play for this timeless game.

3D Magic Chess offers different game modes and match styles with the ability to play against the A.I., local multiplayer, and online over a Wi-Fi connection. The game lets you practice against the computer to hone your skills and later take on challenges from around the world.

The game also has various difficulty settings so players of all levels can enjoy the game without frustration. The difficulty settings range from 1-5 and can be adjusted by a slider before a match.

Looking at the screenshots, the style feels very magical or fairyland like, as if the game took place in an Alice in Wonderland movie. There also are traditional board game aesthetics with simple visuals as well.

The app also has some interesting fantasy elements with specific roles designed for each side (taken from the app description):

“In the game, you can master “Guardian” or the opponent “Heretic” in the ancient temple hall to checkmate the opponent and become the champion.”

You can grab 3D Magic Chess on the App Store for free.