Instapaper makes it easy for readers to save articles for later offline reading both on desktops and iDevices. However, it now appears Apple is bringing the same type of technology to Mac OS X Lion, according to 9 To 5 Mac.

It was recently uncovered OS X Lion includes a new Reading List feature in Safari. However, in a post published on April 30, Instapaper creator Marco Arment explained that Reading List wouldn’t be a true competitor for his product if it didn’t sync with iOS devices.

It looks like Instapaper has a competitor and its name is Apple.

According to a 9 To 5 Mac reader, Reading List has a sync feature for iOS devices. The tipster claims he is able to view his Reading List on his iPad via a MobileMe bookmark sync. This means whenever he adds to his Reading List on his Mac, those pages are also saved on his iPad and/or iPhone/iPod touch.

There is still no word on whether the pages are simply links or saved pages available for offline viewing.

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