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Catch The Candy ($0.99) by Bulkypix is a silly game that is an excellent way to pass a little time. Navigate your little blue fuzzy creature by using only his tongue. This game will tap into your problem solving skills and your physics knowledge as you try to reach the sought after piece of candy.

Catch The Candy by Bulkypix screenshot

Catch The Candy focuses on a little blue fuzzy ball that I will refer to as Mr. Fuzzy. Yeah, I know it’s dumb, but the developer left out the name and only refers to him as “a hungry little fuzzy creature!”

The only way Mr. Fuzzy is able to move around is by latching onto objects with his tongue. When he sticks it out and grabs onto something, he will be moved over to that spot. It gets tricky when Mr. Fuzzy has to climb trees, travel over obstacles or move various objects. In the end, the goal is for Mr. Fuzzy to reach the candy with the fewest possible number of moves. Whenever Mr. Fuzzy sticks his tongue out, it is considered a move.

Catch The Candy by Bulkypix screenshot

There are 53 levels that present a variety of challenges. I am not sure they necessarily become more difficult, only different. There are some physics problems involved while playing Catch The Candy, as you have to think through the best strategy to reach the goal. Often you are caught off guard because Mr. Fuzzy’s tongue does not stick to certain objects. This adds a level of difficulty and makes you engage in problem solving skills. There is replay value, as you try to improve your score by solving the level with fewer moves.

I did have a couple of issues with Catch The Candy. There was no way to go back to the menu if you wanted to choose a different level. Instead, you have to restart the game. Also, I often hit the restart button for some reason when trying to move Mr. Fuzzy. This restarted the current level and was frustrating. As for the creature, I think it would be more personal if there were a name for “a hungry little fuzzy creature” and including the option to personalize him would be even better.

Overall, I would say Catch The Candy is a great time-killer game. It is not one that kept me engaged for hours, but I enjoyed playing it. I think a few enhancements could make it even more enjoyable. Catch The Candy defies your mother’s cardinal rule to never stick your tongue out!