If you ever played any of the Nintendo Entertainment System track and field games about two decades ago, you should feel right at home with Hurdle Turtle for iPhone. The game has just gotten a massive update, bringing it to version 2.1.0, and now online multiplayer is part of this wonderful retro package.

“The creators of Hurdle Turtle tell us that you’ll be able to play against friends, foes, or random dudes alike via the support, which should be coming very soon since the update is in Apple’s hands right now,” TouchArcade reports.

The multiplayer works with Game Center and some other additions have also been added as part of the update. Here is a list of new features (from the app description):

Addictive arcade gameplay!
Old school 8-bit graphics!
11 unique turtles to choose from, and
3 adrenaline pumping levels to race in!
Real-time multiplayer via Game Center!
A banging chiptune soundtrack!

Hurdle Turtle’s gameplay consists of the player guiding a turtle across a track that he must run through and reach a finish line. The track will have various obstacles like hurdles to jump over and you’ll be able to move back and forth, as well as up and down, on the plane of the track as you race through it.

The tracks also change their looks and scenery. Some are not really a track at all, but a road or pathway. For example, the second track in the game is based on a road in the middle of a forest with moose as obstacles to jump over.

What is interesting about this game is how you can customize your turtle to look different before each race starts. You can essentially choose the type of turtle you will be using based on weight, color, and fashion style. The game has a lot of humor and comedy thrown in for good measure. Go ahead and give the turtle a go and we’ll see you on Game Center.

Hurdle Turtle can be found on the App Store for $.99.