Boss Balls is a way to get a little bit of passive aggressive revenge on those who bother you most. Simply add a face to the ball sitting oh-so-smugly in its office chair, and drag it to send it bouncing around the screen. You can save various Boss Balls, change backgrounds, or use a pen tool to draw your own Boss Ball. Basically, all that matters is that you can throw your boss around without any assault charges.

There are satisfying screams of pain and discomfort as the ball bounces along. It makes it all the more fun. There’s something about jabbing my finger at that pathetic ball, demanding emotional retribution from it while it suffers at my hands that makes me feel a little more whole again. I don’t fully understand it, but soothing feelings seem to follow after a few good bounces.

When I took this out for a test drive, I was sitting at my son’s preschool with my daughter screaming in the background. It wasn’t pretty. So, I thought that this was the app’s golden opportunity. I plastered my daughter’s face on a ball, and I sent it bouncing. It made me feel a little better. After a few bounces, I noticed she was quiet. I looked over my shoulder, and there she was, watching her little face on a ball bouncing around. She had a big smile on her face, and seemed to be enjoying it.

So, we kept doing it. She even asked if she could do it. Sure, what the heck! So we spent the next few minutes just playing nicely. I was happier, she was happier, and the app served its purpose.


So if you want to bust your Boss’s balls, Boss Balls is available at the iTunes for $0.99