Ever since Apple released the iPad without a dedicated calculator app, there’s been a mad rush to fill the void. For many, one calculator’s as good as the next, but I personally haven’t found a suitable, everyday replacement for iOS’ official iPhone version.

Until now.

RetroCalc, by app-maker futuremedia, is easily the best-looking, most polished calculator metaphor on iPad. It isn’t a scientific or graphing calculator, but — for a light, standard number-crunching experience — nothing else compares.

Modeled after actual, classic products, the app features 12 calculator models on your choice of eight high-def backgrounds. These can be randomly combined on each start-up or chosen at will via swiping. Additionally, changing calculators will not change the state of the current calculation, and the app supports both portrait and landscape orientations. There are two audio packs, and their applied sound effects are identical across the board. Still, the noises made from each tap of data entry are satisfying and appropriate.

All 12 calculators. Forbes likes 'em, too.

Also noted in the app listing is the following:

RetroCalc supports multitasking! Your numerical data will remain onscreen and in memory when switching back and forth between other applications. These calculators feature memory functions, 17 digit scientific-notation, true order-of-operations ((SQRT(9)+2*5=13) and even alternate audio-feedback sounds.

RetroCalc can be yours for only $0.99. However, this is a limited-time launch sale, so you’ve got to grab it ASAP.