Sweep The Board by Jay

Sweep The Board ($1.99) by Jay’s Outdoor Games is an iPad game that combines matching and object search elements, to create an enjoyable fast paced experience. Sweep The Board will have you moving quickly to find all the appropriate objects needed to finish the round before your time runs out.

Sweep The Board by Jay

To play, choose from three different categories: fruits and veggies, world flags and US States quarters. Once you have made your choice, you are shown the one object within those categories, which you have to go out and find. The board will be scattered with other objects of similar shape and detail making it difficult for your search.

Quickly slide around the other objects to uncover and discover the pieces you need. When you locate them, slide them over to the plate. Once you have found them all, you complete the level. There is a shake button to help move the objects out of the way, so you have an opportunity for a fresh look.

There are some elements that can make it more challenging, such as a random bomb going off in the middle of your puzzle. One strategy is to move all the pieces you don’t want over to the corner of your screen. Suddenly, a bomb might appear and blast all those pieces around the entire board, completely undoing all your work.

Sweep The Board by Jay

There are a couple of built in features that enhance this app. You can choose the templates of your background and select various built-in songs for your gameplay. As you move up in the levels, they become more and more difficult. Each new level adds additional pieces to the board, which makes the search a little more challenging.

Sweep The Board can be played alone or with others. There is no multi-player mode, but three or four people can play together around the same iPad. There are 75 levels, so Sweep The Board has many challenges to look forward to. It has high replay value as you can shake the board and the pieces will always land in different places.

If you enjoy a fast paced game that does not require much strategy, you will enjoy the fun that Sweep The Board will bring.