A new iPhone development team, Fine & Dandy Games, have recently announced their first game to be released for the platform. It is a casual and fun family-oriented game called Goop.

According to the game’s website, the title’s objective is to guide creatures called Eeeps to safety and away from goop.

“Save the Eeeps from the torment of getting Gooped! Your only objective is to get all of the Eeeps safely to the other side and home…Goop free!

“Be careful and keep in mind their unique personalities. Sometimes the Dafties forget the goal and the Plumpies don’t move fast enough to avoid the danger of the Goop,” the game’s website description states.

Fine & Dandy Games is planning to release the game soon and they are currently looking for beta testers to try it. You can sign up directly for beta testing the game here or follow their blog for instructions.

The studio aims to release it in late July, according to one of their blog posts.