Emoticons might have originated in Japan, but they are about to become more popular worldwide too. Although emoticons aren’t new to iPhone users (via iOS 4) then haven’t really worked that well until now. Beginning with iOS 5, iPhone/iPod touch and iPad users can add a dedicated Emoji international keyboard to their layout, according to an anonymous developer source who provided us with some screenshots.

The Emoji keyboard allows users to quickly add emoticons to any app that uses the built-in OS keyboard.

Emoji Keyboard On iPad

Emoji Keyboard On iPad

To enable the feature, using the Settings app, navigate to General >Keyboard > International Keyboard.

From there, Add New Keyboard and select Emoji. From there, just click on the globe key on the standard virtual keyboard and type away.

Nice trick, huh? This will especially come in handy with Apple’s new iMessage app where different emoticions will enhance a user’s chat.

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