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Marvel KAPOW! ($1.99) by Smith & Tinker, Inc. is an action-packed game filled with all the Marvel characters that we know and love. These superheroes come together in a fight to save the world from their rival villains. With authentic comic book graphics, superhero music, and fast-paced gameplay, Marvel KAPOW! is definitely a hit.

Upon opening the app, the title screen pulls you in immediately. Next, you choose your path. There are two modes: normal and arcade. Normal mode allows you to progress at a good pace through all 26 levels—three of which are boss levels. Arcade mode gives you all four weapons and requires that you face all four villains. This challenges you to last longer and longer each time.

Marvel KAPOW! by Smith & Tinker, Inc. screenshot

Gameplay is similar to that of Fruit Ninja. You must use your finger to attack the approaching enemies as quickly as possible. Whether you’re Wolverine trying to slash Magneto to bits, or Spider-Man dissolving Venom with your web, you won’t want to take your finger off the screen. The other two heroes whose abilities you can utilize are Captain America, who reflects Red Skull’s lasers back at him, and Thor, who smashes Loki with Mjölnir.

If you’re a Marvel fan, you’ll enjoy the comic book dialog between levels and love fighting super villains with your favorite superpowers. If you’re not a Marvel fan, this game is still well worth the $1.99. Not only is it interesting and challenging, but it has many levels (not to mention arcade mode) and Game Center support. And if you are still unsure, there’s a lite, free version to try out first (Marvel KAPOW! Free).

Marvel KAPOW! by Smith & Tinker, Inc. screenshot

Marvel KAPOW! is non-stop heroics and action. It has a permanent place on my iPhone as I haven’t been able to put it down since I started playing. Definitely give this one a shot, you won’t be disappointed. It’s SUPER fun (yeah, I went there)!