Halftone, Juicy Bits’ hit photography app for iPhone, went universal last night with its update to version 1.6.

In addition to native iPad functionality, the new Halftone package includes six new paper styles, three new stamps, a splash screen on/off switch, and general tweaks and fixes.

I been dreamin' 'bout da paper, da paper!

Spirals crack coffee stains.

However, there are still a few bugs to be worked out. For example, when attempting to shoot a picture within the app, the program hangs upon canceling the operation (and must be killed in the task dock and restarted). Additionally, while the splash screen can now be turned off, the selection directions are still pervasive, as shown below.

This can go away.

This can't.

Don’t let that scare you away, though, because Juicy Bits has a stellar track record of fixing such issues in a timely manner, and Halftone‘s still great. Bigger is certainly better on iPad, too; and, with the tablet’s 9.7-inch screen, manipulating stamp sizing and rotation is easier than ever. Also, even though the iPad’s cameras aren’t as high in quality as the iPhone 4′s modules, the app’s end result looks just as good across both devices.

Indeed, Halftone remains one of my favorite photography apps on iOS, and there’s not another product out there with its unique array of retro-inspired, fun features and filters.

Halftone is available now on iTunes for just $1.99. But, if you leave a clever comment, Juicy Bits says I can give away a copy.

I’ll pick five winners Sunday, so show me what you’ve got!

Update: And just like that, Marty Gough (our contact at Juicy Bits), has informed me that the camera-freeze issue is already being worked on but isn’t consistently reproducible. Additionally, the mentioned tip screens show up only on the app’s initial launch, though you’ll see them again each time you revert to default settings.