Absolute Instant by Mobili Studio icon

Absolute Instant ($0.99) by Mobili Studio is one arcade shooter of the bullet hell genre that you don’t want to miss out on! With gorgeous HD graphics and unique controls, this game is a quick hit. Just tap to teleport out of attacks and away from enemies as you constantly try to survive.

Absolute Instant by Mobili Studio screenshot

In Absolute Instant, you can play as one of two players: Liz or Judas. Each player has his or her own unique weapon that continuously spews out bullets.

Liz’s fighter jet has a constant laser stream shooting from it and a smaller, less constant stream of bullets that auto-attack nearby enemy ships. Judas’ attack, however, is my favorite. His fighter jet shoots out an arc of bullets, covering a larger area at once.

To move your fighter jet, simply place your finger on top of it and move around. But watch out for attacks coming from every direction. Dodge the enemy and boss attacks by tapping on an area to use your Absolute Instant teleportation ability.

After teleporting, shake your phone to instantly create a black hole. The black hole will be active for only a short time, but is extremely useful as it will suck up everything on the screen and destroy it immediately.

Absolute Instant by Mobili Studio screenshot

I’ve never played a game like this before with teleportation—and I love it! The controls are extremely easy to use, yet the game is still very challenging. This game is worth the $1.99, although it is on sale for one dollar for a limited time. There is also a lite version you can try for free before purchasing if you’re leery.

And, yes, there is Game Center support with many achievements and leaderboards. So, take Liz and Judas for a spin, and see how long you can last!