Bonnie’s Brunch ($0.99) by Funny Lab Studios, Inc. is a time management strategy game. You play as Bonnie, an aspiring baker who just received an adorable food truck for her birthday. It’s your goal to travel the town, delivering delicious baked goods and breakfasts to your hungry (and often impatient) customers.


To play, you tap a food item to add it to a plate, which can then be dragged to a waiting customer. Each customer has a different food order for you, from bagels and croissants to waffles and eggs, topped with everything from whipped cream to ketchup. As the game progresses, more and more food types become available, until you find yourself in a tapping frenzy, trying to prepare ten items at once. If you make a mistake, food can be dragged into the recycle bin.

Levels start with a set amount of time available. Quickly serving as many customers as possible leads to the highest scores. If you don’t deliver food fast enough, customers will get angry and may walk away, negatively impacting your score.

Fortunately, handing out candies will keep customers calm for a while, as you prepare complex orders of chocolate and lettuce sandwiches with ketchup, or french toast and ham with honey. Yes, these customers have some very strange orders.

Bonnie’s Brunch doesn’t bring anything new, but it is a solid addition to the time management genre. The difficulty ramps up at a steady pace and the addition of new foods in every level keep it feeling fresh.


I’m a fan of time management games, and I’ve played quite a few on my iPhone. Bonnie’s Brunch is just as entertaining as anything else I’ve played, if a little simplistic. I prefer time management games that incorporate player-chosen upgrades, because they require more strategy.

I liked the colorful, cutesy art style and the silly characters. Gameplay was challenging, especially when I ended up with all of my customers asking for toast and waffles. Those two foods were a major bottleneck and had me tapping frantically to keep everyone happy. While that was a minor frustration, ultimately, I enjoyed Bonnie’s Brunch and I’ll be playing it again.