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Flick Golf Extreme! Takes Your Golfing To A Whole New Level

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Flick Golf Extreme! ($2.99) by Full Fat is the addictive sequel to one of the best casual iPhone games available. You've mastered the original Flick Golf, now it's time to up the ante and take it to the next level!

Flick Golf Extreme! takes you from the traditional golf courses in the first game and places you in "extreme" places for golf. Tee off from a chopper to a naval base, out in a beautiful canyon, or in an urban cityscape. The game features beautiful graphics that set the bar high for a golf game on the platform.

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If you've played the original Flick Golf, there should be no surprises in how to play. For newcomers, it's pretty simple, but hard to master.

The goal is to get the golf ball anywhere in the specified target on the course. This isn't like regular golf, where you get several pars to get the ball in the hole - you only get one chance with each ball to get it in the target.

To hit the ball, you simply flick on the screen. The longer you flick, the stronger your hit will be. As your ball is in the air, you can swipe on it to control the direction that it is going. This is very useful when you can start to gauge how close your ball is from the target area. Want a better view of your surroundings? Swiping left to right at the top of the screen will move the camera around.

Points are awarded if you manage to get in the target area. Of course, the closer you are to the hole, the more points you get. There are bonuses that will be awarded if you can spin the ball while it's in the air, curve the path, backspin, get a perfect shot, land in the "bullseye," or a hole-in-one.

Flick Golf Extreme! has three game modes: Quickshot, World Tour, and Five Ball Challenge.

In Quickshot, you are given a time limit and you must try and get as many points as possible within this limit. Each shot will be in a different spot on the course, so you won't get two shots in the same spot consecutively.

World Tour is the campaign mode where you basically advance your career in the game. There is no time limit, however, you cannot advance to the next level if you do not meet the requirements. For example, I got through the first four stages in this mode pretty quickly, but cannot get to the fifth level because I need four gold trophies to unlock it.

Five Ball Challenge is probably the hardest mode of the three. You are given only five balls, and you have to get the best score you can with this allotment.

Flick Golf Extreme! by Full Fat screenshot

For the Quickshot and Five Ball Challenge modes, you have to score a certain amount of points in order to unlock the next stage. This may not be much of a problem for Quickshot mode, but it is not an easy feat for Five Ball.

In all of the modes, as you progress in each stage, the amount of wind picks up. As you would imagine, this will greatly affect your hits. Aim carefully and control the ball's direction by swiping, and you should be fine.

During the game, you get some "extreme" music to fit the game settings. If this isn't your thing, you can even listen to your own music or audio as you play.

Game Center is integrated into the game, which will display your scores and achievements. With over 30 achievements to get, there's plenty of replay value here. The game also has leaderboards in the app and you can even view your own statistics and career points.

The only thing that bothers me is that there are only five stages. But I look forward to the developers adding more content in for this game, as they had done that with the original.

Flick Golf Extreme! is a great game for original fans and newcomers alike. So what are you waiting for? Light up leaderboards with your "extreme" golf flicking skills!

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Flick Golf Extreme! Takes Your Golfing To A Whole New Level

Flick Golf Extreme! Takes Your Golfing To A Whole New Level