Ideaworks Game Studio, creators of iOS hits such as Call of Duty: Zombies, has unleashed a new game onto the App Store called QuBIt. The game is currently available in New Zealand and should be hitting all the other App Stores soon. It is also a universal app.

QuBIT offers 3D gameplay with great neon light visuals. The theme of the game is very much sci-fi related. You control a mining robot, called QuBIT, who was sent to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, according to the app description. The robot has to “harvest rare Obscurium deposits on strange alien worlds.”

The robot also has a “quantum-positronic” brain and is able to smash obstacles with his face.

The game looks intriguing and should be worth checking out for anyone into sci-fi adventure games.

QuBIT is currently only available on the NZ App Store at a price of $1.29, which should translate to USD $0.99.