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Connectrode ($0.99) by Deep Plaid Games LLC isn’t just another matching or puzzle game like you may expect. In fact, this game surprised me — pleasantly, I might add — in every aspect possible.

Connectrode by Deep Plaid Games LLC screenshot

This game follows the typical matching puzzle game rule of pairing three or more (of the same color) to rid your screen of the item. But this game has more of a challenge. You must also navigate around the pieces themselves to achieve the goal of “screen zero.”

My favorite thing about this app? The smooth interaction with the touch controls. Clicking on a button to advance to the next screen has never seemed so flawless to me. It even makes a tiny “clink” noise at the exact moment you touch it. This may be silly, but I am in love with the fluidity.

The catch is that when placing tiles on the board, you can very well block your own path and lose the game before you even realize it. Tiles cannot be pulled through other tiles. So, be careful where you place your tiles; think before you play. It’s not so easy when the tiles you want to connect are on opposite ends of the board. Therein lies the real challenge: strategy.

And if that isn’t challenge enough for you, my little geniuses, try the different difficulties on for size. Play Connectrode in easy, medium, hard, or even extreme mode. There are so many boards and levels, you’ll never tire of this epic game of thought-provoking strategy.

What would make this amazing app even better? An iPad version and Game Center support. If you’ve read any other game reviews I’ve written here at AppAdvice, you’ll know I’m a sucker for achievements. However, you are able to send your score, after completing a game, to Facebook or Twitter. This will have a link attached that your friends can follow allowing them to play the exact same board. Although this is a way to challenge friends, Game Center would of course be far superior.

Connectrode by Deep Plaid Games LLC screenshot

This app is gorgeous in design and both smooth and challenging in play. I imagine this must be what it feels like to be playing Tetris with Buddha on some alternate plane of existence. This is all good, I assure you. The soothing music puts you in a relaxing mood, yet helps you focus on the challenge laid out before you.

Connectrode is in the App Store for $0.99 and worth much more. A lot of hard work went into this app and it shows. Do yourself a favor and buy it.