Apple is said to be considering a purchase of book giant Barnes & Noble. This news, which comes exclusively from BGR, suggests Apple would use the acquisition to fold Barnes & Noble’s vast library of e-books into its own iBooks store.

Calling its source “unproven,” BGR states Apple would eliminate the company’s NOOK reader and eventually convert some Barnes & Noble stores into Apple Retail Stores. The rest would be closed.

They state:

It also almost makes too much sense for Apple to do this, said another source of ours, mentioning that Apple doesn’t make moves that appear logical to most outside observers at the time.

With Borders closing, Barnes & Noble is now the last of the remaining big-box book resellers in the U.S.

The company, which is based in Manhattan, currently has 705 retail stores plus 636 college bookstores across all U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

Strangely, Apple buying Barnes & Noble makes sense.

First, it would help the company compete more aggressively with Amazon over e-book sales. This could be even more important as Amazon is expected to release its own Android-based “iPad killer” later this year.

Second, suddenly owning a lot of college bookstores alone could mean big business.

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