Touch-based rhythm games are very common on the iDevices due to the wonders of multi-touch technology. Games of this genre require that you tap on various icons or elements to continue a musical beat. The latest title in this genre comes from Taito and is called Groove Coaster. The game has also been released as a universal app so all iDevice owners can enjoy it fully.

The visual style of the game is truly spectacular. In fact, it reminds us a bit of a game called Rez that was released on the Dreamcast and later ported to Xbox Live Arcade.

It is an arcade game at its core. However, it is also an experience that changes with your playing style.

“Create an original stage that grows and changes according to your progress through the game! Impress your friends!” the app description states.

There are also a wide range of songs and musical genres present for you to interact with.

Groove Coaster is currently available on the App Store for $.99.