When was the last time you used inductive coils to power your devices? Exactly; I’m sure the last time you heard about such a thing was either in physics class or an invention museum. However, Apple might be trying to bring it back! Of course it will be in aluminum, thin, without all the rust, and with a big fruit logo on the bottom.

This morning, as discovered by Patently Apple’s Jack Purcher, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that reveals new inductive charging concepts for iOS. One idea is a tower-like device that users will essentially wrap their headphones around to make a receiving coil and charge their device. Of course, the headphones won’t be the current white plastics ones but new conductive ones.

Apple's Inductive Charging Tower

The only problem with the idea thus far is water proximity, which breaks up electric conduction (yes physics is resurfacing); having enough coils to completely charge such devices; and size, because no one wants a big tower sitting on their office desk. That brings us to the question, is this a true endeavor of Apple? Or just another one of those thousands of patents they have going on for fun and competitive reasons? As for me, I’d love to roll up my headphones and start charging my iPhone in a matter of seconds rather than searching all around my office for a power outlet.

If Apple goes ahead with this, which we hope, it would definitely make charging our devices more convenient than ever. Not to mention, it would be quite a selling point.

How do you like it?

[Via: Patently Apple]