Just moments ago, Apple launched the very first iteration of the official web interface for iCloud, its upcoming cloud service offering, and all its services.

Available at iCloud.com, the iCloud frontend allows developers with early account to access the various iCloud services such as mail, contacts, calendar, Find my iPhone. Then, you’ll also notice a teaser page for what seems to be an interface that will allow you to access your iWork documents in the browser. Other than that and the new background (seems like Apple is now experiencing with jeans), the webapp looks pretty much the same as MobileMe. Furthermore, Apple has also revealed its pricing scheme for additional storage.

As far as this new iWork section goes, we don’t have much details yet on what it will allow you to do. Apple has however just released some beta iCloud-enabled iWork apps to developers, and we’ll tell you all about this new feature as soon as we can.

New iWork teaser on iCloud.com

Lastly, it’s worth noting that only registered developers with iCloud accounts are currently allowed on the site. You can attempt to access it with a MobileMe account and you might even be offered to transfer your account to iCloud. Yet, this feature doesn’t yet seem to work. Also, you can’t access it from Mobile Safari on iOS we’re hearing.

If you find out anything new about this release, make sure to let us know over at [email protected]