Rumors of a “Spotify-like” iTunes in the cloud have been going around for years before Apple finally pre-launched iCloud and the possibility to re-download previously purchased songs. Yet, while the feature is a good start, it still lacks the ability to stream music and because of that, isn’t really what we hoped for. A new promotion launched in iTunes today might be the first sign that all this… is about to change.

Indeed, after recently adding the possibility to stream purchased TV shows (and soon Movies) to the Apple TV, Apple is now running a new promotion where you can listen to Red Hot Chili Pepper’s upcoming album in streaming free of charge right in iTunes, as noticed by iSpazio. You can see for yourself by following this iTunes link.

Unfortunately, this is only a one-time promotion for now, and it’s limited to the desktop version of iTunes. Yet, it might be the first hint of something bigger to come. Possibly, the promotion also has an experimental aspect, and Apple could expand it to a wider library of paid content. Of course, this is only speculation on our part and only time will tell. In the meantime, go enjoy some great free music.