We’ve just received word that Apple has released a new iCloud-enabled version of Safari for Lion to registered developers of the iOS and Mac developer programs this week.

The Safari 5.1.1 update we’re being told brings the ability to sync bookmarks and reading lists between your Macs and iDevices over iCloud. With Apple launching the iCloud migration tool to developers last week, and killing bookmark syncing in the process, this is the logical next step.

Indeed, while many complaints have been raised about Apple killing off some of its MobileMe sync services with iCloud, this is not really Apple’s intent. Rather, each app will now have to plug itself into iCloud on its own to sync passwords and preferences, rather than leaving it to the system. There will be some transition time, but that’s the concept and it’s hopefully for the best.

We haven’t been able to confirm how well it works with iOS yet , but since it’s nothing groundbreaking, we believe it will get the job done. (Update: it does work as advertised, thanks Maxwell!)

As usual, we’ll keep you posted if we learn anything new.