Following the launch of to developers last night, we’re getting more details on what the service will really offer. More precisely, we’ve just been able to confirm that not only will iWork with iCloud keep all your documents in sync across devices, but you will also be able to upload documents to your iWork iCloud storage right from the browser.

More precisely, Apple has launched on a dedicated space for iWork documents. There, you can not only download all the documents created using the new iCloud-enabled builds of iWork (no editing for now), but also upload your own documents. The way it works is that once on the iWork’s iCloud page, you can upload any document compatible with the app and it will be added to your iWork storage. This way, it will be immediatly pushed and made available to all your iWork apps on all your iCloud-enabled devices.

This is an amazing feature, as it allows you to walk up to any computer, and upload documents from it right to your iDevices over the air. Unfortunately, it seems like this feature is an exception to the whole iCloud ecosystem, as Apple won’t let third-party developers plug to the iCloud from a website or a third-party server at the moment. This however might be a sign that such a feature is in the works, and might be added in the future.

The only thing we can complain about for now is the lack of an editing feature à-la-Google Docs, but maybe we’re asking for too much.