After adding the option to re-download previously purchased music in iTunes in iOS and the Desktop as part of its upcoming iCloud offering, Apple is now allowing users to also access previously purchased TV Shows.

The way it works is that, starting today, all US iTunes users can now hit the purchased tab either in iTunes or in the iOS iTunes app; then download any TV Show they ever purchased (but not rented) completely free of charge. It’s a great feature, as it’s only fair that you can finally download again shows you already paid for once. Until now, the only way to re-download a show if you lost the file was to pay for it again, or maybe beg Apple’s support staff for an exception.

Purchased Tab In The iTunes App For iPad

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like movies are supported just yet. Hopefully, Apple will also be adding support for that very soon.

Check it out, and tell us if you rediscover anything great!