MovieCam Go by Digital Staircase Inc. icon

MovieCam Go ($1.99) by Digital Staircase Inc. is a real-time filter for your iPhone’s camera. Released for the iPad a few months ago, this iPhone version also lets you apply nine different effects, even while recording, to enhance your video’s appearance.

MovieCam Go by Digital Staircase Inc. screenshot

Just like MovieCam for iPad 2, this app is easy to use. Just open it and choose your effect. To do so, tap the wand icon at the bottom right of the camera and all nine effects will appear with a real-time view of what each one looks like. You can choose from Gothic, Vintage, Oil Painting, Moonlit, Normal, Newscast, Video Game, Golden Red or Romantic. With each effect, you can also fine tune the specifics. For example, you can increase or decrease the aging appearance of the vintage effect, or create a brighter daylight appearance in the moonlight effect.

MovieCam Go allows you to record your video resolution in either 640×480 or 480×360. There is a powerful 8X digital zoom within the app and you can apply all effects to either the front or back-facing cameras. You can also use the tap-to-focus feature to set your focus wherever you like. You can easily save your videos to your iPhone’s camera roll and export them to your computer for additional editing.

Overall, this app, like its iPad 2 predecessor, is a fabulous way to capture real-time video effects. It is reasonably priced and a great addition to any iPhone photographer’s arsenal. With nine different effects and fine-tuning for each of them, you can perfect your homemade movie’s appearance with just a tap.