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Square&Ball HD (Free) by Ran Elmaliach games is a physics-based puzzle game that is traditional and unique at the same time. This hit game is now available for the iPad and is free for a limited time.

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Like all physics-based games, the goal is to position certain objects in such a way that they will affect others, hopefully producing the results you intended. Square & Ball uses gravity throughout the screen, making you think twice about your placement decisions. If you place a block in midair, it may fall to the ground before your ball gets to it.

There are 47 levels and none of them are required to be unlocked. You can replay each level over and over. There is no score, just pure experimentation. Some levels are more difficult than others, but it is not necessarily a gradual increase. The difficulty lies in your own ability to solve the puzzles. There are boards, blocks, movement-changing arrows and portals that allow your ball to move through walls. There are usually multiple ways to solve each puzzle.

The hand-sketched graphics have a Leonardo da Vinci like style that works well with the overall theme of the game. A pleasant, romantic-era classical piano solo plays in the background to add to the ambience.

Overall, this game is a beautifully designed physics-based puzzle game that challenges your intellect without making you feel stupid. The unique gravity theme allows you to replay levels over and over, experimenting with various ways to solve each puzzle. Since there is no scoring system, you are free to play around without the fear of not being able to make it to the next level. It is one of the better games of this genre that is currently available in the App Store.