If you believe MacRumors this morning, Apple will be holding this year’s much anticipated fall event on Wednesday, September 7. The Japanese blog they’re getting this information from, Kodawarisan, made an accurate guess on the 2009 Mac mini release date and they claim their information “was not the product of guesswork, but came from a source in the know.”

Apple’s fall event is usually the time when Apple announces its new line of iPods ever year. However, it’s widely believed that this year, Apple will be taking advantage of the occasion to launch the iPhone 5 as well as officially debut iOS 5 with iCloud, which they already announced in June at the WWDC. The projected date does fall in line with past fall event dates, which makes this information very credible. Over the last three year, from 2008 to 2010, the event took place on: Sept. 9, Sept, 9, and Sept. 10 respectively.

However, The Wall Street Journal’s AllThingsD recently claimed that the iPhone(s) won’t be coming until October. In short, either someone is wrong here, or Apple might have quite a delay between announcement and launch, not to mention the possibility of Apple holding two separate events.

Which one will it be? Tell us in the comments!