Wouldn’t it be nice for Apple to get on with it and finally announce the iPhone 5? Once they do, we and everyone else could stop with the rumor mill (and begin discussing the iPhone 6!) Until that time, the rumors continue…

The latest iPhone 5 story comes from Case-Mate, the iDevice accessory giant. Earlier today, the company published an entire page on its website showing a line of iPhone 5 cases. Soon after, however, the page was removed, according to news first reported by BGR.

The photo from the website, which is shown here, shows a number of different case designs. Each one suggests the iPhone 5 will come with a “radical new body,” and “have tapered edges and a slim profile as well.” In other words, it will very different than the existing iPhone 4 model.

Case-Mate quickly removed the page (and photo). In its place is the coming soon page shown below. Of course, thanks to the Internet, the photo showing the cases remain!

Casemate - iPhone 5 Page

Casemate - iPhone 5 Page

We’re loving the purported iPhone 5 cases and hope that they are real. Most likely, they are, and someone at Case-Mate accidentally published the photos.  What do you think?

We’ll keep you updated.