We are thrilled by the growing number of available music streaming services. Unfortunately, all the Spotify’s and Rdio’s in the world won’t really be of much use to you if you don’t know what to listen to in the first place. In a promotional effort to get you to listen to more of their music, Universal Music has compiled a new app that helps you find music, through playlists, it’s called Digster.

Digster is a free app that allows you to access an entire library of playlists compiled by Universal Music for you. You can go through featured lists, special compilations for particular events or activities (like running, or clubbing), and find something that fits your mood. Then, while the app itself doesn’t feature any music, it will send you to the iTunes Store, or various streaming services such a Spotify, WiMP and TDC Play directly to enjoy them.

The app really makes sense if you’re a paid Spotify user and have the mobile app as it will send you there immediately to listen. We already told you about the power of playlists in Spotify and Digster has some great compilations so make sure to give it a try. Also, note that the app will not let you select the US as your origin for some reason, so just try selecting the UK, it works and you won’t be disappointed.

Digster is available on the App Store, free of charge.