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William Shatner, The Priceline Negotiator Is Now On Your iPad

In this economy we are all looking for a deal, and Captain Kirk, I mean William Shatner, is here to help. Now, the “Priceline Negotiator” comes to the iPad to help you find the best hotel deals around. Priceline Hotel & Car Negotiator is an app that has already been available for the iPhone. However, this recent update to the app provides better support and features for iPad users, as though it has become a brand new app. The "Name Your Own Price" feature is a beautiful map-based booking tool. You can pan across the country to select your city of interest and view information for over 150,000 hotels. When you select a hotel, you can read guest reviews and book your room right from within the app. Rental cars are not yet available on the app, so you will have to stick with or the iPhone app for that feature. Hopefully this will come in an update, since it is something you can do from the iPhone. Here is a small bonus that is worth checking out: download Priceline Hotel & Car Negotiator and book your first hotel from within the app and receive $25 in bonus cash. This can be used for a future Name Your Own Price booking. It looks like you can only use $5 per room, per night, but for a five night stay the $25 will help buy you dinner.  
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