First they came to iOS and now they may pop up on a future release of OS X. AirPlay Mirroring and iMessage could someday make the leap to the desktop according to 9 To 5 Mac.

Apple is said to be testing both iOS apps for integration into future versions of OS X Lion. The first, AirPlay Mirroring, would allow users to wirelessly mirror what is happening on their desktop to an Apple TV connected to a projector, television, or external monitor. In addition, Apple is working on bringing video streaming into QuickTime X.

Meanwhile, iMessage, which just launched with iOS 5, would be integrated into Appleā€™s existing iChat application. This would allow Mac owners to communicate with anyone with an iDevice.

Take a look at the iMessage on Mac concept:

Both Mac additions, which are currently only in the planning stages, would further blur the line between Mac OS X and iOS, which is good news for anyone part of the Apple ecosystem. We’ll keep you updated.