In preparation for tomorrow’s iOS 5 and iCloud launch, Apple has just publicly released a brand new version of iTunes to enable you to get all the new features tomorrow.

Indeed, iTunes 10.5 will not only allow you to install and sync with iOS 5, but it will enable you to take advantage of all the great new features the OS brings, such as wireless syncing, iTunes Match (once Apple finally flips the switch on that), and iCloud re-downloads.

With iTunes 10.5 and iOS 5, you don’t need to be plugged into your computer anymore to sync your iDevice. All you need to do is have the app launched on your computer, and have the device on the same Wi-Fi network. The device will appear as usual in iTunes, as if it was connected, and will let you sync, send documents and much more.

This new version also supports iCloud content re-downloads; once you purchase any app or content in iTunes on one of your devices, it will automatically make it available everywhere. This version will make it easier than ever to access music or TV shows you previously purchased, and download them again free of charge.

As far as we can tell, this version shouldn’t cause any problems with jailbroken devices, but your milleage may vary.

You can find iTunes 10.5 on

(via Macstories)