We’ve all likely seen the iconic, Richard Dreyfuss-narrated “Crazy Ones” TV spot from Apple’s 1997 Think Different campaign. What you may not know, though, is that Steve Jobs himself did the original voice-over work for the ad, but that version was never aired.

However, in the wake of Jobs’ passing, this rare footage has been rediscovered, gaining popularity across YouTube as a wholly appropriate, poetically poignant tribute to the man, his message, and his legacy.

Because of this, it’s little surprise that Jobs mourners and fans the world over are clamoring for Apple to release the unaired video as a proper tribute to its revered founder and philosophical leader, and a petition to that effect has been started online.

And, while it’s quite likely Apple’s already toying with the idea, a little extra push can’t hurt.

We’ve signed it, and we hope you will, too.